Why invest?

The goal of investing is to look after the money you have whilst giving it the opportunity to grow. A good investment can help to increase your wealth or indeed provide you with a source of income for you and your family now or in the future. 

Investing funds is about understanding your goals and objectives and using the funds available to help you achieve them.  However, careful planning is required to ensure that you only take on a level of investment risk that you are comfortable with. All investments will go up and down over time but understanding what influences these movements helps you to better prepare yourself for the future. 

Whilst cash savings are a good starting point and provide an essential safety net, the low-interest rates offered on many cash savings accounts may mean that they are less appropriate when saving for longer-term goals. Money held in cash savings accounts may fail to keep pace with inflation meaning the buying power of your money may reduce over the longer-term. This is where investing may help. Investing offers the potential for your money to work harder for you and to provide the opportunity (although not the guarantee) of achieving better returns than cash over the long-term. 

When thinking about investing many factors must be considered and detailed below are the common areas that you should be thinking about if you wish to invest: – 

  • Review your needs and goals – What is your objective for investing? 

  • Create a Financial plan 

  • How long can you invest? 

  • How many risks are you prepared to take with your investment? 

  • What is your tolerance for loss? How much can you afford to lose? 

The list above covers the main points that most individuals like to consider before investing. 

Investing in the market can be financially rewarding but it is also not without its risks.   It is paramount that all risks are understood, managed and reviewed regularly to ensure they meet your requirements.  At Beaufort Financial (Wokingham) we work with you to create a Financial Plan that is bespoke to you, so that when we look at the right investment solution for you it takes into account everything that is important to you, but also ensuring, that any investment we recommend is within your risk tolerances. 

If you would like to speak with us about this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 


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