We are always looking for experienced sole or small practitioners, newly qualified or career movers to join Inchmead.

Sole Practitioners

It’s one thing attracting a big client.A whole new devil managing them.

As a sole practitioner or a small firm, casting your net for a bigger client comes with its own set of worries. One of them being whether you’ll be able to offer the support and resources to manage the expectations, or not.

However, what if there was a way to continue enjoying the agility of working as a small unit, and yet avail the perks of being part of a bigger team? A team that’s been delivering trusted accounting and multi-discipline
services to clients across the spectrum since 1994.

At Inchmead, you’ll be joining a firm comprising multidisciplinary
professionals spanning the entire course of a client journey and service spectrum. Allowing you to benefit from our credibility, training, facilities as well as support to take on bigger, meaner clients.

Stay nimble. Be credible.

Newly Qualified

Now that you’re qualified and ready to signyour first client, all you need is everything else.

From buying the right software, setting up and managingvwebsites, gaining access to technical literature, getting all the regulation and AML supervision you need – the cost and processes of setting your own practice can be tedious timetraps between you and your new clients.

Many of us at Inchmead have been through the same hoops, and tripped at the same hurdles. Which is why we thought it was best to band together under a single firm. A firm that’s
been delivering trusted accounting and multi-discipline services to clients across the spectrum since 1994.

Once you’re a part of Inchmead, we’ll help you navigate the client journey with support from some of the best multidisciplinary professionals. Making you more efficient and more credible to your new clients. So you can focus on the services you’re good at, and continue to build your client base.

We’re here for your everything else.

Career Movers

None of the corporate targets.
All of the corporate perks.

This is what your next career move could potentially be like: where you get to decide your work schedule, your fee rate, your scope of work, your targets, and of course which days you choose the work desk and which ones you spend on a hammock.

At Inchmead, many of us did the corporate rigour long enough to
come up with a way to do it better. It’s like we took the best bits from our previous workplaces and alchemised them into a single firm. A firm that’s been consistently delivering trusted accounting and multi-discipline services to clients across the spectrum since 1994.

Once you’re a part of Inchmead, you’ll be a Partner at a credible, multi-disciplinary firm that has both the capabilities and experience spanning the entire course of a client journey.
A place where the only person you report to - is you.

Work made less corporate, and more professional.



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