Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is an investment strategy that looks to balance risk and reward by dividing investment portfolios amongst other asset categories

Understanding Your Asset Value

There are typically two stages to total asset value; accumulation and decumulation.

Accumulation is pre-retirement whilst you save towards the end of employment, decumulation happens after when you begin living off pensions, investments, and other assets.

Notice that the value of non-liquid assets, or property, drops at age 56 (due to the sale of the second property), but continues to grow throughout life as you would expect property prices to increase over 58 years. Investments also increase in value whilst not being utilised between ages 70 and 85 thanks to investment returns.

Never experiencing a shortfall in income vs expenditure and holding significant assets, this client passes away with an estate value of almost £3 million. The use of income sources in the previous chart will have been specifically designed to minimise Inheritance Tax due in this circumstance.


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